Major Works

The Things


"The Things” is a provocative performance presented as a duet with bright green plastic milk crates which are configured and repositioned in a variety of ways throughout 50 minutes approximately. It asks the audience to contemplate the objects and thoughts which we collect, build, destroy, hoard, choose to use, and disuse. It seeks to ponder and ask what is enough, within the context of the human experience, for material, as well as intellectual sustainability.

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photo: Jennifer Feagles

photo: Jean Marie Biele

Vieo from the Soil


It starts as a ritualistic synthesis. An excavation. The underbelly of thought and experience, before trauma, or resolve. However, this work is a journey, as it transforms when two persons acknowledge one another, thus weaving their existence with the peculiar force of love. VIEO is a latin verb meaning to weave or plait. VIEO from the soil embodies the feelings and emotions that occur when two humans commit to becoming a newer, another entity, as if weaving two people in myriad ways. There is struggle, and there is laughter. Jordan and Augusto, partners in both art and life, created VIEO with the deliberate intention to expose their love story.

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Eon of Faith


About faith; as in the mystical intuitive relationship one develops with the unseen,the sense of what can be, what may become, the internal voices that guide our choices beyond reason, beyond the bounds of organized religions or societal logic. This performance is an inquiry and reflection upon our personal understanding and knowledge regarding the evolution of a belief in otherworldliness, in the before, and the beyond throughout the vast history of humanity. With the blending of sound, objects, and dance, this work brings the duration of events to the foreground; from the faintly audible water drop, to the largest jump over a simple rock, or a tree branch.

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photo: Chani Bockwinkel

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